Published 22nd January 2020

The announcement of The Whistleblower winning 1st prize of the Filmaka Final Competition Season 1. This was the competition The Whistleblower was originally created for.


Published 10th January 2020

A catch up with MetFilm School on my process as a writer. In which Jon Gilbert said of me; "with her meticulous research, finely-tuned ear for authentic dialogue, and rich sense of character, Syd marked herself out early on at MetFilm School as a writing talent to watch. Working in the time-honoured social realist tradition of Ken Loach and Andrea Arnold, Syd blends political passion with heart and sensitivity.”


Published 2nd December 2019

I was awarded MetFilm School's Creative Excellence award for my script On The Clyde. The category was judged by Noel Clarke and awarded on the 27th of November 2019. Of the script, Clarke said; "I found that the feature script had a particularly captivating story with strong characters, and it managed to capture the naivety of youth, while immersing the reader in a specific era of time and showing a sad reality."


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